Must Read: Patricia Ann McNair, "And These Are the Good Times"

Thank you, Patricia Ann McNair, for the times, good and real, that you reflect on in your book, "AND THESE ARE THE GOOD TIMES: A Chicago gal riffs on death, sex, life, dancing, writing, wonder, loneliness, place, family, faith, coffee, and the FBI (among other things)".  The way you capture the warmth and nuance of being human is so very moving. Your beautiful essays bring my attention to our seemingly small interactions and exchanges with one another, how these hold weight, equate to the whole spectrum of tenderness and harshness that add up and make up our day to day lives--our whole, lived lives.

I felt very much like I was getting to visit with you over coffee or beer in your book. Your company, your insight, is oh so excellent. I just loved it.

In a time where it is easy to move through life without reflection, and self isolate through technology--thank you for reminding me of the heat that makes us human, for the reminder to get out and be in the world, have company, give company, while also taking the time to be in solitude, and reflect on the moments of my days.

This book begs to be read, reread, and it beckons me to reread your book of short stories,"The Temple of Air".

It makes me think of the poem, "And the days are not full enough", by Ezra Pound:

And the days are not full enough.
And the nights are not full enough.
And life slips by like a field mouse
Not shaking the grass.

"And These Are the Good Times" reminds me to look around, be more aware, not let these good times slip by.


  1. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful review. You are a wonder.


    1. I keep being visited by the people in your stories, your brother, your father, your cat, the woman you helped have dental work done on, you as a child, you on your travels, you running...just a delight, all of it.


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