Letters 4-7 -- Snail Mail Project

Writing letters feels good. I'm enjoying this project: "Who do I write today? Should I try to write the letter right now? Quick, where's my stationary?" Today I will write letter 7.

I love the days the mail is not delivered--Sundays, certain holidays. They feel like snow days to me--the reminder that this is a different day, a day to treat differently than any other day--and more people than just me are not getting the mail today.

It's a special kind of embarrassment to go to the mailbox and pop it open to find it empty. "Oop! No mail today. Oh, that's right, it's Columbus Day." Or, "Oop, no mail, must be near the end of the month." I don't like junk mail, but for a moment, the junk mail feels like real mail and softens the no mail sting. In digital times, it's all the fluff emails, the junk notifications in Facebook--at once annoying, a waste of time, but for just a moment, the hope that it is something real.

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Post Office Holidays


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