Letters 22-31 -- Snail Mail Project Conclusion

Help me name my mascot, and more
By tomorrow, I'll have written and mailed 31 total letters and/or pieces of snail mail. It's been a bit of a clunky project, but I will see it through. Here's what I liked best about this #31dayproject #31daysofsnailmail:

1. I got two replies. Thank you, letter writers, for this nice surprise. And I really loved the response from those of you that sent me a message that said, "Yes, I want a letter!" 
2. The quietude, and easy transition to writing poems after writing a letter (though I did NOT end up writing a poem a day). I process by writing, so this project helped me reach a feeling of calm #MentalHealthMonth.
3. I also enjoyed the banter with the fine folks at the USPS office in Bellaire. I love picking out stamps and stationary, and the routine of mailing out and checking the mail. 
4. For anyone who's wondering, I am still working, slowly but surely, on getting fit for my 5K in August. Good habits grow out of good habits.

For my next project, I am writing a poem a day for 21 days. You, too, can sign up for this challenge. I highly recommend it--Holly Wren Spaulding is a force for good, and an excellent poet and teacher. Check out more about this opportunity here.

I've knit a mascot to help me out, the bird pictured above. Help me name this bird! Also, I plan to give it an accessory---a cape, hat, bike, teddy bear, something like this---to be determined. Name some accessories you think my mascot should have, and what super power it is given via the accessory.

So, help me

1. Name my mascot
2. Pick an accessory
3. Describe a super power my mascot will have

Let's go!