Letters 1-3 -- Snail Mail Project

My life has been made rich by snail mail. The mail is a magical thing, how we can reliably put a handwritten message in a box and trust it will arrive as addressed. I've been fortunate to have correspondence on paper with friends and family since I was a child first made to write thank you notes.

My #31dayproject #31daysofsnailmail will be an intentional return to using my handwriting muscles, looking up addresses that don't pop up with an auto-complete, purchasing stamps, and most importantly, waiting.

My first three letters will go out in the mail today--to catch up to Letter 3/May 3. This is also a project to celebrate #MentalHealthMonth, a month that highlights a topic I am passionate about.

I seek to spread awareness, while taking time for self care in the form of slowing down and writing some letters, reconnecting with friends and family, and perhaps making new connections, too.

Letter one
I'll use my blog as a way to keep myself accountable to the task. I'll write updates once a week, on Sundays.


1. Make snail mail for 31 days. Write letters, make cards, collages, write poems--anything that doesn't perish, isn't fragile, liquid or potentially hazardous. Well, within reason...I want to be a little hazardous.
2. Mail snail mail. This can happen on the day written, or later (getting to the post office can be a challenge). 
3. Try not to expect anything. The attempt is what matters. Keeping at it no matter how it turns out is what matters. Perfection not allowed! Practice is!
4. Share progress on 40eyes.blogspot.com only. After today, I'm not using Facebook to share this project--as a departure from the desire for immediate feedback. I like my "Likes" and am trying, trying to quit. 1x a week, on Sundays.
5. Wait

I hope I see this through. I hope my hand hurts less by Day 10. 

I'm excited about this project. If you'd like to receive some snail mail, PM me on Facebook with your address, and maybe a topic you're interested in hearing me write about. I'll see what I can do!


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