Day 98 -- Update

So, my #100dayproject #100daysofplay is/are winding down. I will stop these blog posts at day 100, and then give a recap on day 101.

I'm going to depart from the #100daysofplay format, and post less often.

Here's an peek at the piñata I started on Day 94, and the bones I dissected from Day 96's owl pellet.

Two flightless birds
I'm planning to add feathers and other embellishments to the piñata. It looks like hell to me, but it's going to get destroyed on Sunday, so no biggie, right?

The bones are soaking in Hydrogen Peroxide. After a few days, I'll dry them and glue them to my foam board collection.

Finding an owl pellet before this project has come to its end feels metaphor-ish. I'll share thoughts on this project's overall impact on me on Monday.

Until then...