Day 97 -- Garden

Dill sprouts, a book I should consult more often, and my not-so-secret garden
We've been gardening for a few years--but this year it feels pretty serious. We're adding strawberries, raspberries and potatoes to what we usually grow (broccoli, kale, carrots, green beans, sweet peas, tomatoes, basil and dill, to name a few). Last fall, my neighbor gave me garlic to plant, another first for our garden.

I am glad we have lots of farmers and farm markets in our region, so I can buy locally grown food that I don't grow, supplement my garden's successes, and get over its failures. 

I grew up with a Mom and Grandparents who gardened. Between that, and a start of growing my own tomatoes and morning glories on my apartment balcony years ago, I've now got a yard with room for a garden. 

Being able to put seed in contact with water, soil and sun is gratifying. Hands in dirt equates to happiness for me. The more we live in this house and yard, the more we are woven into its soil, and the soil into us.