Day 93 -- Shiitake

Shiitake mushrooms taste great, and we enjoy growing them ourselves. But "ourselves" is a misnomer. Each year we depend on friends to collaborate with us. It's a big job that starts when snow is still on the ground, which is the time of year the logs need to be cut. 

April is an ideal time for "drilling and filling" the logs--which is akin to planting seeds to grow vegetables, but you are using mushroom spawn that you "plant" in a series of holes in the log, which eventually grow mushrooms. It takes a whole year for the mushroom spawn to spread inside the log and mature in order to produce mushrooms. The logs can last about 5 years, and will "fruit" once a growing season.

Thank you Chris and Paul for all your help and teamwork with this year's shiitake logs. What a great way to spend a beautiful spring weekend. Cheers to good friends and Shiitake-mushrooms-to-be.
Converting logs into food for shiitake, then eventually food for us

Jason circa 2009 with a log covered in Shiitake mushrooms