Day 90 -- Pride, Porcupines and Other Poetry

I'm so pleased with the news I received this morning. A tanka I submitted to the journal, Eucalypt, has been accepted for publication in their upcoming issue. Thank you, Julie Thorndyke and Eucalypt. Thank you! Thank you!

This news brought to mind an older poem of mine that lives on the internet. It's called Porcupine, and you can read it here. I'm particularly proud of it.

And continuing on the theme of pride, my awards, recognition, and publications to date include:

St Clair County Community College (SC4) Patterns, "The Undead of Winter"--First publication (2002)

In a previous lifetime, I was a lab technician in neurology research. You can view the 8 publications on which I was listed as co-author (2004-2007) here.

"Taking in the Sun" was selected by artist Glen Wolff to be part of the exhibit Rooting Deep Branching Out, a collaboration of ISLAND (Institute for Sustainable Living, Art and Natural Design) and the Jordan River Arts Council (2009)

Liberal Arts Network for Development (LAND) Creative Writing Journal, "Porcupine"--First Place Poetry (2011)

Dunes Review Summer/Fall 2015, "Jeff Daniels and Me at the Partial Hospitalization Program", (2015)--Pushcart Prize Nomination

"Syl" and "Letters on Repeat from 728 W. Spruce Street", are part of the anthology, Family Stories from the Attic, Bringing letters and archives alive through creative nonfiction, flash narratives, and poetry Edited by Christi Craig & Lisa Rivero (2017) by Hidden Timber Books

"The Salt Before It Shakes,"--my chapbook manuscript was selected to be a finalist in the Michigan Writers Poetry Chapbook Competition (2017), by poet and writer Patricia Clark.

My tanka will appear in Eucalypt, issue number 22 (2017)

My poetry manuscripts and individual poems are out in the world for consideration to be published. It's an exciting time.