Day 71 --I'm Part of An Anthology

Exciting news! Two poems I wrote are in print, part of a beautiful anthology, Family Stories from the Attic, for sale at select local bookstores, soon (I'll be working on this in the Northwest Lower Michigan area)--and on Amazon, now. This Anthology is published by Hidden Timber Books, and edited by an incredible duo, Christi Craig and Lisa Rivero.
FAMILY STORIES FROM THE ATTIC is an anthology of essays, creative nonfiction, and poetry inspired by family letters, objects, and archives. Nearly two dozen contributors from the United States and Australia tell stories of immigration and migration, loss, discovery, secrets, questions, love, and the search for meaning and identity. Editors Christi Craig and Lisa Rivero bring together both experienced and new authors who will prompt writers and non-writers alike to think about their own family treasures and histories in new ways. -Hidden Timber Books
My two poems are written from letters my Grandmother wrote me in the early aughts, and one letter in particular that she received from my Grandfather in the late 40s. They are companion poems, and I am delighted to know they are out in the world.

Thank you, Jenny Robertson--you inspired me to write the poem from my Grandmother's letters, and Patricia McNair--you were generous to remember my poem, and alert me to this opportunity to be published.


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