Day 68 -- Waiting on a line of clothes to dry

This line

This song is nostalgic for me. I try not to think too hard about the lyrics.

I thought of it today--because for the first time in 2017....I am going to hang laundry on the line! That's right, I've, "waited on a line of greens and blues," ...just to be the next to dry clothes on you, dear clothesline of mine. It's spring, it's sunny, and I have a back-log of laundry that can't go in the dryer.

Bees safely take a drink from my wet laundry. And birdsong is the best accompaniment.

The words of this poem (unlike the song above) are worth thinking hard about:


  1. My laundry hasn't fully dried outside yet in 2017. How long did your take?

    1. It was damp when I brought it inside after dark. But smelled like outside!


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