Day 66 -- Bringing Playful Back

It's Day 66 of my 100 day project--2/3 of the way through.
Today I'm reaching back to October 2008, and sharing a video from the wee hours of my wedding reception--hot off the dance floor.
Video courtesy of my brother-in-law, Eric.

On the Sadness of Wedding Dresses by James Galvin:
On starless, windless nights like this
I imagine
I can hear the wedding dresses
Weeping in their closets,
Luminescent with hopeless longing,
Like hollow angels.
They know they will never be worn again.
Who wants them now,
After their one heroic day in the limelight?
Yet they glow with desire
In the darkness of closets.
A few lucky wedding dresses
Get worn by daughters—just once more,
Then back to the closet.
Most turn yellow over time,
Yellow from praying
For the moths to come
And carry them into the sky.
Where is your mother's wedding dress,
What closet?
Where is your grandmother's wedding dress?
What, gone?
Eventually they all disappear,
Who knows where.
Imagine a dump with a wedding dress on it.
I saw one wedding dress, hopeful at Goodwill.
But what sad story brought it there,
And what sad story will take it away?
Somewhere a closet is waiting for it.
The luckiest wedding dresses
Are those of wives
Betrayed by their husbands
A week after the wedding.
They are flung outside the double-wide,
Or the condo in Telluride,
And doused with gasoline.
They ride the candolescent flames,
Just smoke now,
Into a sky full of congratulations.

James Galvin, "On the Sadness of Wedding Dresses" from Everything We Always Knew Was True. Copyright © 2016

...this swishy dress was worn more than once.


  1. (1) You are a really good dancer (2) I wore my wedding dress twice, although I only got married in it once. It was a minidress. (3) The lace from my grandmother's wedding dress was made into a christening gown that was used a few times over the next three generations. The tiny, fragile gown reposes in the memory chest of my niece. It is unlikely to be worn again, ever. (4) I think you should dance in your wedding dress any time you feel like it.

    1. (1) You are too kind, Gerry (2) I love that your wedding dress was a minidress, and you wore it twice (3) That is amazing, and I adore the image of it in your niece's memory chest, tiny and fragile. Such a treasure. (4) True! I may do it tomorrow. It's become a mini-dress of sorts, as it no longer zips with my new improved mid-life torso. Oh well! I'll pin it up and bust a move anyway. Thank you for your lovely comments. I really appreciate it.


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