Day 65 -- Kalkaska Sand Ultrasound

I don't often go to Kalkaska, but when I do, I try to draw it out.

Kalkaska is one of my favorite words: Kalkaska sand

Driving south on US-131 to Kalkaska, the Pink Elephant will be on the left, and the shoe tree on the right. I headed there yesterday for a non-pregnancy related ultrasound.

I first saw my children through their grainy ultrasound profiles, from Kalkaska Memorial Radiology Department.

Ultrasounds can be hard to endure. Among the pre-ultrasound questions, there are two that stand out: "How many pregnancies? How many births?"

Instead of numbers, I want to answer, "How much time to you have? Want to get a cup of coffee?"

Miscarriages are common. Common does not equal easy. 

I have a memory of a Kalkaska ultrasound that went looking, searching, measuring in the sand. 

No matter how many clicks, how much gel, no matter how much kindness--no heartbeat was found.