Day 45 -- 45th Parallel

The 45th parallel marks our home in Antrim County as a halfway point between the Equator and the North Pole.
"He's got a map of Michigan / in the palms of his hands"
Seth Bernard, Fire Pig from the album Reconciliation
I'm fortunate to know many Champions of Michigan, and when I think of them, Seth Bernard is tops.

He hosts Earthwork Harvest Gathering on his family farm every September, where my current life in Northern Michigan first took root. He is a steward of this place, a community builder, an advocate, a nurturer, a singer, songwriter and musician.

In 2014, when I was in one of my worst states of mental health, his song, Dying for Me, helped carry me through.

Listen to Dying for me and Fire Pig here, live:

Seth Bernard - "Dying for Me" > "Fire Pig" (ft. Steve Leaf) from Wealthy Theatre on Vimeo.

I live not so far from Sleeping Bear, and this poem, Sleeping Bear, is close to my heart.