Day 44 -- Pun-xsutawney Morel

Punxsutawney Morel casts its long shadow
This is my first attempt at knitting a morel. I'm learning. It is also improv--not from a pattern. This rough draft free-form will progress.

Speaking of rough drafts and progress, I'm working on some Tanka poems. You should, too! Tanka is related to Haiku, with syllables in the long form pattern of 5-7-5-7-7 vs. the shorter 5-7-5 of a Haiku. 

To learn more about this form of poetry, go here: Tanka

After you've worked out your finest Tankas, send them to the journal, Eucalypt, by March 31st to be considered for publication.


  1. How do I love this post? Let me count the ways...

    1. I appreciate you saying so. Thank you, Lisa!


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