Day 24 -- May's Music

February, and my thoughts turn to spring, morel mushroom hunting in May. But the May music I'm writing about today is May Erlewine's music, it is a spring that fortifies.

Hearing her music for the first time can be transformative, so if this is your first time, be prepared for uplifting and uprising.

While her song, Shine On, struck me first-most on a September evening in 2006, it and countless more have been loyal lifeboats, ferrying me through the muckiest and murkiest of times.

The Turning

Rise Up Singing


Here's where she will be singing next, I implore you to go see her live.

And if in person is not an option, support this wonderfully inspiring musician by buying any of these works of art. They are full of angels, magic and might. Her music gets in you, gives you the power to carry yourself as the bright light we all know that you are.

Spring 2007, definitely listening to May Erlewine

And a poem:

Sorry for the wonky formatting--I'm heading out the door! Happy Sunday, everyone.


  1. That was a lovely set of links - been listening to May and Seth as I work on family history research . . . which always gets me thinking. You are one of my bright lights. Shine on!

  2. As are you, one of my bright lights, Gerry. <3 Family history research, sounds fascinating.


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