Day 23 -- Twenty-three

Twenty-three is a number that shows up in my life on a regular basis. I appreciate this compilation on Wikipedia about the number.

And, of course, a poem.


I forgot to tell you it's almost time to go.
The sun has distilled its particular worn essence
And the glittering trout is flipped on the bow.  

A man asks me what time it is. I don't know.  
I have emptied my purse and wept in the presence  
Of onlookers. I forgot to remember to go

Before eleven, when the steely arrow
Shot swimming to its underneath, tense
As a stream of salmon in reverse below

The laureled, relentless clocks. The sceptered row
Of columns dreams one o'clock, immense,  
Inviolate. What time is it? I don't know.   

This story concerns the night I tried to go—
Though many times I flopped into the silence
Of orange plastic seating like onto the bow

Of a lonely ship, and felt my breathing slow.
The frail, retreating stand of columns prevents
The clocks from telling me time and time again to go.  
At my feet, a glittering trout swims past the bow.

"Grand Central, Track 23" by Elizabeth Skurnick from Check In, published by Caketrain Press. Copyright 2005 by Elizabeth Skurnick.

And 23 cats on YouTube.

And 23rd birthdays, 23 things.
What is your number? What number shows up in your life?