Day 22 -- 1 Piece Missing

I finished my puzzle today (from Day 14). Besides the bird scene, and the mere $1.00 I paid for this cardboard challenge, I am charmed by it for its previous owner's thoughtfulness. 

This person left a few notes in red ink about a missing puzzle piece. While I worked at the puzzle, I imagined talking strategy with him or her. I'd take an intelligence briefing, why not? 

Bonus for you readers: I'm happy to pass this puzzle on to YOU--whoever speaks up first. It's full of camaraderie--even if you put it together yourself.

Also, on the back of the box, in red ink, " 1 piece missing" -- thorough!


The windows are dressed in feathers where the birds have flown against
then fallen below into the flowers where their bodies lie grounded, still,
slowly disappearing each day until all that is left are their narrow,
     prehensile bones.
I have sat at my window now for years and watched a hundred birds
mistake the glass for air and break their necks, wondering what to do,
how else to live among them and keep my view.
Not to mention the sight of them at the feeder in the morning,
especially the cardinal in snow.
What sign to post on the sill that says, "Warning, large glass window.
Fatal if struck. Fly around or above but not away.
There are seeds in the feeder and water in the bath.
I need you, which is to say, I'm sorry for my genius as the creature inside
who attracts you with seeds and watches you die against the window
I've built with the knowledge of its danger to you.
With a heart that rejects its reasons in favor of keeping what it wants:
the sight of you, the sight of you."

Chard deNiord, "Confession of a Bird Watcher" from Interstate. Copyright © 2015 by Chard deNiord.