Day 19 -- Refresh & Share

Insomnia kicks my butt, and I'm in a stretch of it. Yesterday's blog post theme was "Stuck." Today, I'm including a photo of my kitty. She is my midnight buddy, I'm grateful for her company in the wee hours.

I'm also taking today to kick the refresh button.

I'm sharing with you some of the #100dayproject projects going on along with mine. Definitely worth a peruse, a like, a follow, a subscribe, be inspired to start your own.

Jeannie Voller started the #100dayproject that I'm a part of, and she is a dancing queen.

My very first post, explaining my personal guidelines. I have added poetry to my project since then.

Erin Leigh is sharing 100 days of poetry on Facebook.

At Hillside Homestead, Susan Odom is giving in depth looks at her lifetime passion of restoring a 1900s farmhouse to historically accurate day-to-day use. You can eat there! You can stay overnight!

Kristi Hinkle:
I have begun my #100dayproject. I will be sharing a compliment everyday for 100 days. My goal is to spread joy and enjoy my positive outlook on the world #day1 I would like to compliment Jeannie Sheneman Voller. She has always been able to motivate and inspire people even back in elementary school. Which I feel proves it is innate in her. This ability could be used for selfish gain but instead Jeannie shares her love and passions with the world in hope of inspire great change.

Wagbo Farm and Education Center, and Jen Lewis blog about the resistance.

Not officially part of the #100dayproject, but I find them in the same spirit:

-Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology #100days #beehiveplan posts can be found on their Facebook page, tips for how to build community strength and resilience in these threatening times.

-Jessica Fogle / Jessica in the Rainbow: Hi folks :) If you want to see/hear me every day for a year, hit the SUBSCRIBE button on my YouTube channel. Not like you have to watch everyday (I wouldn't) just that I might not always share them here, if I start getting self-conscious about this 'every day' thing...which is likely. #365daysproject #creativitychallenge #comingsoon

-Meg Louwsma is doing a 365 days of Gratitude, one post on social media each day--you can take this idea and run with it.

-Thomas Lynch is holding regular readings of poetry, gathering in poets and listeners as resistance. Attend or organize your own.

-100 Day Peace Initiative
Please join us in 100 Days Of Transformative Steadfast Peace.
Beginning with an Opening
Fire Ceremony
January 20th at 4 pm
With Healer Mary Hartman,
Healer and poet Nancy Leas and
Human extraordinaire Susan Brady.
Future fires will be held every 25th of this 100 day steadfast peace initiative.
Dates are as follows:
February 13th
March 10th
April 4th
and April 29th
This is in person, in Colorado, contact Nancy Leas for more details