Day 17 -- Pray

Raised Catholic, I've been drawn away and toward the Church throughout my life. Recently drawn back, I'm grateful to be able to go to a church in my community, gather in with people I do and do not know, to pray and sing.

One of the songs we sang today is a beautiful traditional Irish Folk Song, Make Us True Servants. It is a song I sang as a child, standing next to my Mother, in all the churches I've ever been. A comfort. A power.

I offer my hand to you, with all my heart, to bid you peace, may peace be with you.


Make us true servants to all those in need,
Filled with compassion in thought, word and deed;
Loving our neighbor, whatever the cost,
Feeding the hungry and finding the lost.

Lord, make us prophets to cry out the way,
Telling the nations of mercy's new day.
Let us break barriers of hatred and scorn,
Speaking of hope to all people forlorn.

Lord, make us healers of body and mind;
give us your power to bring sight to the blind;
Love to the love-less and gladness for pain,
Filling all hearts with the joy of your name.

Traditional Irish Folk Song composed by Susan G. Wente


  1. Love your honesty and the lyrics of this tune...

    1. Thank you. I have other hymns that come to my mind, and they are always a comfort.


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