Guidelines for my #100dayproject

Play! Here are the guidelines for my #100dayproject

1. Play
2. Share a photo or other visual--only one
3. Share some thoughts on play, 100 words maximum
4. Can be super shitty, just do it

I hope I will see it through.
I hope this helps me establish a daily writing habit.
I hope to have a good time.  

I believe that through exercising my creativity, intentionally cultivating joy and taking better care of my imagination--I will also be able to get down to the hard work that's here and ahead.


  1. I love this idea! You sound focused and fun at the same time (love the photo).

    1. Lisa! Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. It's wonderful to be connected with you and Hidden Timber Books.
      You are my first commenter on my blog, Lisa! I feel like making you a pin or a t-shirt or a crown. Grateful.


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