Day 8 -- Words that Stick

I'm as happy as a poet who found a box of word magnets from Nifty Thrifty for a dollar. 

They came in an unlabeled container, so part of the fun was discovering there was a theme to the collection: dog lover.  

My fragmented sentences got colorful, and made me glad, for now, that my kids can't read. 

I am glad my husband can read. When these new refrigerator magnets caught his eye, I was in the kitchen. The man I love has the best belly laughs. The ones he laughed the hardest at are not pictured here. 

"Get new magnets, but keep the old. Together they are solid gold!"


  1. I had completely forgotten about "magnetic poetry." So I just dug out my "portable magnetic-poetic tool kit." I believe I might spend a little playtime with it today. - Gerry


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