Day 6 -- Pick Up Sticks

I enjoy knitting, even though I am a novice. In the Fall of 2014, I got scooped up by a knitting circle of intelligent, kind and incredibly admirable women. They encouraged me to start my first pair of mittens.

Tonight, I finished that project:
January 25th  -- International Day of Mitten-Knitting Devotion. 

Let's just say, when I picked up my knitting bag earlier this week, it had a pair of moldy brownies in it. 

This one-and-only mitten is sentimental to me, and will be filled with tiny woodland creatures the next time I read The Mitten to my kids. 


  1. Checking FB before I start my project of the day to clean out my closet....hummm...thinking I may delay it a while as I get out my knitting for a "few minutes".....

    1. I loved starting my day reading your comment--thinking of you taking the time for yourself. Hopefully a few minutes turned into as long as you needed. You are an amazing knitter. The closet didn't mind the wait. <3

    2. P.S. You are the very first follower of my blog. I hope it's a decision you'll soon not regret.


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