Day 3 -- Winter Mushroom Hunt

Winter in Northern Michigan is not prime time to forage for edible mushrooms, but there are fungi to be found. Today was mild, with melting snow, damp air and dense fog. On a hike with my son, we saw the typical shelf fungi that persists through winter along with a cluster of tiny yellow cup fungus (Bisporella citrina), a fun and colorful surprise. The photo I share with you is a rare, ephemeral mushroom. I hesitate to say it's edible, but it certainly melts on your mouth.
A snowshroom, and a tiny mushroom hunter

P.S. I heart the Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club. Check them out.


  1. Thanks for the link to Michigan Mushroom Hunters. I like messing around in the swamp looking for fungi. Don't know why it says "Anonymous" but it's Gerry!

    1. We need to stomp the swamp for fungi together sometime, Gerry!


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